Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Zombie Ants

Not solanum, not radiation, not voodoo, not even some microbe picked up by the Venus probe. By what means shall the dead be made to rise? By the same means that your pizza tastes awesome and your grandma's toes look like movie-theater popcorn: FUNGUS!

Some crybaby fungus in Thailand (I'm looking at you, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis) got sick of the shitty political climate and castaway coconut bits and decided to entertain itself by seizing the nerve centers of carpenter ants, destroying their organs and sending them on a well directed death march to the fungus's dinner table.

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Chris said...

"Once infected by the fungus, an ant is compelled to climb down from the canopy to the low leaves, where it clamps down with its mandibles just before it dies."

Yowzer! That that sounds like something out of a Stephen King book. I definitely won't visit any forests in Thailand soon!

Chris Cronje
Wendy Houses Cape Town