Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Walking Dead #61 and CHEW

The Walking Dead #61 does some shocking (and much-needed) cast paring-down. Yay! Also introduces a new character, the Suspicious, Unwavering Black Preacher.

I'm curious to see how this character shakes out. If you read this issue, you know that there's certainly more to him than meets the eye--he may not be at all what he claims to.

Also, this issue contains a preview of the title Chew, written by John Layman and rendered by a guy I got to meet at New Orleans' recent Alternative Media Expo, local hottie Rob Guillory.

(I mean "hottie" in the sense that he's a hot new player on the field--you know, a rising star. It would be wholly inappropriate for me to characterize this very-married man as irresistible, let alone delicious. Wholly inappropriate.)

Ahem. So, yes, Chew. I actually didn't read the preview and I'm too lazy to dig it out now, but it's about a food critic whose reviews are quite literally mouthwatering--readers actually taste the flavors as they read her vivid descriptions. (Do I smell magical realism? There should be more of this in comics! I love that.) When her feelings for haute cuisine turn sour, it seems she sticks to reviewing greasy-spoon eateries and street vendors, resulting in acute food poisoning among her readership. (Awesome.) "Cibopathic" cop Tony Chu uses his palate as a tool for clairvoyance, munching on victims to divine the details of their murder. It's his job to put and end to the critic's renegade psycho-poisoning while hiding his secret from a curious government. Whew!

Oh, yeah, and he's in love with her, too.

Look for this one June 3rd.

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