Thursday, May 28, 2009

...No One Can Hear You Suck

An Alien remake? Really? Now with super shiny CG Alien hopping all over the place and gesticulating wildly, I am sure.

They may as well just remake The Exorcist, too, and get it over with. It can be about a little boy this time, and instead of Pazuzu possessing him we learn that it's the spirit of another little boy who Fathers Karris and Merrin tag-team corn-holed-to-death in the rectory.

In related news, here's Freddy.

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wiec? said...

a friend of mine just brought this up and showed me the article on the Alien remake. i think (hope) it's probably a bunch of crap.

then again they are giving Rob Zombie the reins to make another horrible Halloween remake. without a mask for most of it too (y'know for extra layer of suck). i guess there's no limit on how low studios can go. remember that Godzilla remake? they're have to go loooooooower than that with Alien.