Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More SURVIVAL footage, reviews OF THE DEAD

Here's some more SURVIVAL footage. And here. I'm not sure if these are merely promo pieces or actual clips from the film (maybe the opening, pre-credits?), but I dig them. They're vintage Romero in many ways. I love the cutaways to the puddle of blood.

The first reviews of the film have gone live. Variety and The Hollywood Reporter have lots to say about Romero's latest-- the former is pretty scathing, the latter quite positive. Neither are very insightful nor are they of much use to me either way, as my ass is already in the seat.

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wiec? said...

i'm with you. the last 2 Romero efforts were sort of meh in my book but it's Romero so i will (begrugingly)
be dragging my carcass to the theatre to give it a try.

my hopes are high and the second review spins pretty positive. so here's hoping ...