Friday, September 4, 2009

First scene from SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD

At last, here's our first real look at George Romero's SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD, which will premiere this month at the Toronto International Film Fest. The Red camera footage looks much better than the previous (unfinished) leaked clip indicated, and it's interesting to see George shooting in what appears to be 2.35:1 again-- until now, he'd gone wide for only LAND OF THE DEAD.

George seems to be dipping his his toe into the Zombie Comedy (Zomedy? Zomby Comedie?) pool this time around, though I suspect this light moment is akin to the pie-fight in DAWN OF THE DEAD -- it's no doubt surrounded by all manner of drama, horror, and action. Speaking of DAWN: the second zombie in this clip looks as if he crawled right out of that classic flick.

Between this, [REC]2 and ZOMBIELAND, TIFF is the place to be. In fact, if you call yourself a zombie fan and you don't attend, you suck.*

*I suck.

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KPaffenroth said...

The synopsis sounds GREAT!
The clip looks goofy as hell. As you say, the context will make a difference, but it's... jarring to have that as the first impression.