Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Walking Dead #60

I've next to nothing to say about The Walking Dead #60, except that I continue to be quite pleased by the pace and tone of the current story arc.

This issue follows Abraham, Rick and Carl after they've retrieved Morgan and are running from a zombie "herd" of two-thousand or more. Apart from touching base with the remaining crew a couple of times, we stay breathlessly with the foursome as they devise a subterfuge to ditch their grave-scented pursuers. In an expertly crafted sequence, a morbid discovery does a subtle number on Morgan's addled conscience. There's some fucked up shit with the twins that provides further evidence of Kirkman's emerging theme: postapocalyptic life is not romantic or liberating, but rather an unceasingly hostile plane that can lead only to madness.

Adlard is getting even better at composing and detailing in actual-size format. He pulls out a lot of really stylish framing and poses. Some of them are quite lovely.

I guess I'll have to wait till #61 to find out the meaning of the final panel. I hope it's what I think it is!


Doc Zombie said...

what do you mean the final panel? I'm curious as to what you think "it is"! Don't leave me hanging...

I was looking at the final panel and all I get from it is some foreshadowing about rick getting the group in trouble somehow.

Julia Sevin said...

We're talking about the giant last panel, depicting the back yard.

Last time we saw it, the twins were playing (with you-know-what). Andrea and Fishing-Hat (I don't remember his name) debated whether it was safe and decided to leave them. That was the last we saw of the twins.

The last panel is supposed to do one of three things:
1) illustrate the melancholy, shadowed state of the property with which they were falling in love but must now be abandoned
2) draw your focus back to the barn cat bit, but seeing as the barn cat isn't IN the shot, I doubt this one
3) let you know the twins are missing!

I'm hoping for 3) because I think it would be a great monkeywrench in an already FUBAR escape.