Sunday, June 14, 2009

Review: [REC] and DEAD SNOW

I've reviewed recent(ish) foreign horror films DEAD SNOW (Norway) and [REC] (Spain) and examined them specifically as the inverse of the normal trend we have coming out of Hollywood: they are influenced by American cinema to the point of feeling like the same retreads we seem to tire of over here imbued with varying degrees of their own cleverness, but the international flair they're necessarily lent makes them feel downright refreshing.

[REC] is presented as the recovered footage captured by a TV crew during a zombie outbreak late one night in Barcelona. DEAD SNOW is a zombie comedy pastiche set in the gorgeous Norwegian Alps. They're both fine viewing, though DEAD SNOW, I think, earns the rank of classic.

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sexy said...
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Geof said...

I have never seen Dead Snow (probably will now though) but I really liked REC.

The Warfreak said...

I think [rec] is far superior to Dead Snow.

Dead Snow seems like just regular old retread stuff, that faild to utilize both the setting and the antagonists...I mean, they had NAZI ZOMBIES and the first half of the film is a run of the mill slasher, and the last half is a trite zombie flick. Throwing in (not so) obscure horror movie references doesn't save the film either.

[rec] had cache, it had a genuinely eerie atmosphere and legit scares(!) and managed to trump the American found footage flicks (which, I am a fan of Cloverfield, Blair Witch, and the like) easily.